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ERA-Interim is the latest global atmospheric reanalysis, which was produced by the "European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts" (ECMWF). The ERA-Interim-project was carried out inorder to replace the previous atmospheric reanalysis ERA-40. So far it dates back to 1979 and has been continued to the present. The forecast model, data assimilation method and input data sets for ERA-Interim are described in the articles mentioned in the references, where the performance of the system is discussed, too. Problems that occurred in ERA-40 have been treated with improved methods in this new reanalysis. The identified problems were the hydrological cycle, the quality of the stratospheric circulation, and  the time consistency of the analyzed fields. The number of pressure levels from ERA-40 has been increased from 23 to 37 levels and additional cloud parameters are included. The use is now free for both scientific and commercial purposes.

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Currently available at ICDC. See also parameter list at the ECMWF
Name Abbrev. Variable number Unit
U Wind component at 10m 10U 165 m/s
V Wind component at 10m 10V 166 m/s
Temperature at 2m 2T 167 K
Mean Sea Level Pressure MSL 151 Pa
Snow density RSN 33 kg/m³
Snow depth SD 141 m
Minimum Temperature at 2m MN2T 202 K
Maximum Temperature at 2m MX2T 201 K
Sea surface temperature SST 34 K
Sea ice cover CI 31 0-1
Total cloud cover TCC 164 0-1
Total precipitation TP 228 m
Surface latent heat flux SLHF 147 W/m2
Surface sensible heat flux SSHF 146 W/m2
Surface net solar radiation SSR 210 J/m2
Total column water vapour TCWV 137 kg/m2

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Coverage, spatial and temporal resolution

Period and temporal resolution:

  • 1979-01-01 to 2013-02-28
  • 6-hourly

Coverage and spatial resolution:

  • Global
  • Spatial resolution: about 0.75° x 0.75°, T255 Gaussian grid
  • Geographic longitude: 0.0°E to 359.25°E
  • Geographic latitude: -89.425°N to 89.425°N
  • Dimension: 480 columns x 240 rows
  • Altitudes: 37 Pressure levels


  • NetCDF

Data quality

These are model data based on measured data. Possible sources of errors are faulty measured data that are assimilated into the model, as well as simplifications or even errors in the model. The quality of the data assimilation has been improved significantly compared to ERA40 and the model has a high quality. For details have a look on the project site at the ECMWF.

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Name: Annika Jahnke-Bornemann

Institut: ICDC

Email: annika.bornemann@we dont want

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